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nippon 1010A

nippon 1010

Nippon 1010 and Nippon 1010A are 3 digit and 4 digit Digital Temperature indicators respectively. They are widely used for accurate and quick measuring applications in engineering,
chemical, food, Pharmaceutical Industries R & D Departments and Laboratories
  • Highly accurate and reliable
  • Glass Epoxy single board design
  • Thermocouples, R.T.Ds and other inputs
  • Wide temperature range
Principle Input suitably signal conditioned, amplified, linearised as required and displayed.
Inputs J, K,R,S,T and other thermocouples, R.T.D.s like Pt-50,
Pt-100 (2,3 wire), 4-20mA, 0-1 VDC ......etc....
Range, Accuracy Resolution Refer Table - A.
Cold Junction Compensation Automatic.
Sensor Open Display indicates 1
Display 3 digit bright L.E.D. (.5) in Nippon 1010
4 digit bright L.E.D. (.5) in Nippon 1010A.
Ambient Temperature 0-55 C
Humidity 95% RH
Supply Voltage 230 VAC 10%, 50Hz, also available 90-260 VAC on request.
Box Size 48H x 96W x 180D in mm 1/8 DIN size (72H x 72W also available)


Model No. Sensor Range Calibration Accuracy Resolution o C /o F
nippon 1010A Pt-100(2,3 wire) -100.0 to 600.0 C -148.0 to 1112.0 F 0.25% 0.1
nippon 1010 Pt-100 -100.0 to 199.9 C -148.0 to 199.9 F 0.25% 0.1
nippon 1010 Pt-100 -100.0 to 600.0 C -148.0 to 1112.0 F 0.25% 1
nippon 1010 Iron/Constantan (J) -100.0 to 600.0 C -150.0 to 1112.0 F 0.1% 1
nippon 1010 Chromel/Alumel (K) -80.0 to 1200.0 C -112.0 to 1999 F 0.7% 1
nippon 1010 Pt/Rh (R,S) -900.0 to 1600.0 C -1652.0 to 1999 F 0.5% 1
Digital Temperature Indicators Digital Panel Meters

Nippon 101048

Nippon 101048 is a unique  product housed in 48H x 48W DIN size box. The surface mounting devices are used. The top switch power supply can support 90-260 VAC


Nippon 1010D

Digital Panel meters are available in Nippon 1010D. The instrument is used to display various process parameters like PH, conductivity, rate, voltage, current etc... 24 VDC is available for 2-wire transmitters


Multipoint Temperature Indicator Wall Mounting Indicators
Nippon 1016A
Nippon 1016

6-Point temperature indicators are available in Nippon 1016 and Nippon 1016A. Six point selection switch is available to select the channels. The selector switch is heavy duty
and zero contact resistance.


Nippon 1010W

Nippon 1010W is housed in din rail enclosure. They can be mounted inside panel or on wall. The wall mounting indicator finds applications in clean rooms, HVAC, hospitals, computer rooms... etc...

Indicator with Large Size Display  

Nippon 1010-1

Nippon 1010-1 provides indication with 1" (one inch) display. These are easy to read displays from longer distance. The product is housed in 72H x 144W DIN size enclosure.


1. For inputs like 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-1 VDC.... Etc.... Calibration can be done as per your specifications.
2. Display Hold facility on request.
3. Contact factory for retransmission output of 4-20mA
4. Supply Voltages like 110 VAC, 24 VDC on request.

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