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Nippon ∆T Indicator

∆T controllers are use for COOLING TOWERS. ENERCON2000 is a state of art micro controller based instrument idealy used for energy saving In cooling towers. The cooling tower in is switched ON & OFF as per the logic designed and Incorporated by ENERCON2000. This leads to tremendous saving of electricity bill.
Inputs 3 channels; T(Inlet), T(Outlet) and T(Ambient)
Sensor Pt100, 3 wire R.T.D. 's
Range 0-60 °c
Setpoint 2 set points T(F) and T(Ref)
Output 1Relay rated 230 V, 6 Amp.
Setting By soft touch membrane key pads
Supply 90-260 VAC , 50 Hz
Box 96(H) x 192(W) Din size ABS molded box
Logic T(Inlet) is Input to cooling tower, T(Outlet) is cold
water coming out from cooling to
T(Inlet) -T(Outlet) > T(F) fan ON
T(Inlet) -T(Outlet) < T(F) fan OFF
T(Ambient) > T(Ref) fan ON
T(Ambient) < T(Ref) fan OFF
THE LOGIC LEADS TO OPTIMUM USE OF COOLING FAN. Results in saving of Electricity bill. Delay time (t1) also available to avoid frequent on-off of cooling fans. The delay time (t1) is programmable. This helps to improve life of cooling fan. TIME TOTALISER is provided for fan on time calculat

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