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nippon 2222T

nippon 2222T is DIN Rail Mounting, thumbwheel switch setting and low cost Temperature Controller.
Temperature required is to be set on high resolution attractive dial. Instrumentation amplifiers linearises external variable (t/c or Pt-100) & set point temperature. Error amplifiers compare set and actual temperature and gives command to relay driving circuit. Control action of relay can be On-Off or Time proportionating depending on heat inertia of the system.

On-Off Control : In this type relay is on upto the set temperature & cuts of at the set Point. System temperature will come down & again relay will go on at temperature 2°C below the set point. Same function is repeated.

Time Proportionating Control : In this type relay will be On & Off is band of ±2°C of set point. On & Off time will adjust as per the heat requirement of the system. Of course total time cycle will be of 15 seconds. We also offer band & cycle time as per the application.
Inputs Fe/K,Cr/Al, Pt-Pt Rh & other thermocouples, Pt-100, Pt-50 RTD's....etc....
Range 0-100,0-400,0-600, 0-1200, 900-1600°C.... etc....
Setting With 3 digit thamwheel seting
Set Point Accuracy ±0.8% of Span
Output Relay rated 230V/10A
Control On-Off or Time Proportional. On-Off control with 2°C dead band.
Time Proportional control with ±2°C hysteresis & 15 second time cycle.
Time Proportional Control as per the application.
Deviation Meter Nippon 2000D is with -20°C to +20°C deviation indicator showing deviation between set and process temperature.
L.E.D. Indicators Green L.E.D. indicaters relay on.
Red L.E.D. indicaters relay off.
Box Size Modular design in
96H x 96W x 100D DIN size box
72H x 72W x 100D DIN size box
48H x 48W x 100D DIN size box
DIN Rail Box
Supply : 230 VAC ± 10% 50HZ
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