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    Digital Presetable Counters

nippon 5050

nippon 5050-B, 5050 & 5050-6 are unique digital Presettable Counters with and without memory having wide applications in textile Industries for meter counting, Pharmaceutical - chemical - Food Industries for event counting, packing machinaries, machine tool engineering for stroke counting and many other areas where accurate counting is involved.
  • Cent Percent accuracy.
  • Modular design in DIN size box.
  • Accepting wide range of inputs.
  • Bright Display.
  • Memory in case of Power failure.

Instrument accepts signals from Photo Sensors, Proximity Switches, Limit Switches, Contact closures, Encoders, Voltage Pulses .... etc.... Instrument can work upto 2 KHZ.. of switching frequency.

The Incoming signal is filtered, conditioned, wave shaped with help of filters and choppers. The signal is fed to Synchronous counter I.C. which drives seven segment display. At the same time signal is compared with set value. At the set point relay change over takes place. The Relay can be operated in Delayed On, Delayed Off, Auto Reset modes as per the application.

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