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Flameproof Flow Totaliser


Nippon Flameproof Flow Totaliser


  • Suitable For Installation In Hazardous Location
  • For GasGroups IIA and IIB
  • IP-66 Protection As per IS13947(Part-1) 93
  • Cast AL Alloy Construction
  • Heat Resistant, Toughened, Clear Flat Glass
  • Elegant Light Grey Powder Coated
  • Strurdy Push Buttons for Parameter Setting
  • Truely Modular design
Differential Pressure Measurement for Flow rates : Generally this method is used for measuring flow of gas, steam and liquids of low viscosity. An obstruction in the pipeline is generated by an element (orifice plate) creates pressure difference before and after the element. This differential pressure (pressure low) is proportional to square of the flow rate.
Electro- magnetic flow measurement : This method is used in application where liquid is electrically conductive. E.g. water, acids, alkalis, milk, beer, pulp slurry etc. Faraday's law of induction is the principle used. Electromagnetic Force (E.M.F) is induced when conductive material passes through a magnetic field. The flowing medium is conductor and induced voltage is proportional to flow velocity.

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