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    Linearised Temperature Indicators

Nippon Linearised Temperature Indicator

Nippon 1010M is linearised temperature Indicator. Thermocouples like Pt / Rh (R, S), B are used for wide & high temperature ranges. EPROM linearisation helps to trace the temperature curve accurately. The
Indicating accuracy ±1 °C is achieved for the entire TEMPERATURE range. Refer Table - 1 for the range / accuracy. Instrument is widely used in Glass mfg., metal Treatment, furnace & laboratories... etc...
Pt / Pt Rh 13% "R"
0 - 1700 °C
± 1 °C
Pt / Pt Rh 10% "S"
0 - 1700 °C
± 1 °C
Pt-6% Rh/Pt-30% Rh "B"
100 - 1820 °C
± 1 °C
Copper/Co-Nickel "T"
0 - 200.0 °C
± 0.1 °C
Nickel-Chromium/Copper-Nickel "E"
0 - 800 °C
± 1 °C
Input From 2 wire transmitter (4 to 20 mA), 24VDC available
Range User selectable measuring ranges Programmable from -1999 to +1999, with decimal point.
freely configurable from most to least significant digit.
Accuracy ±least count ( i.e. 1 or 0.1)
Setting Easy setting of measurement ranges & High/Low limits by Feather-touch, elegant, long life & user friendly membrane key pads.
No trimpots to be touched.
Display Bright seven segment, 4 digits for parameter & 4 digits for status.
Limits High & Low Limits
Controls On-Off, TIme Proportional, PI control action
Dead Band Programmable
Logic Heater or Alarm Programmable
Output 2 Relays corresponding to each limit rated 230 V / 6 Amp.
Retransmission O/P user programmable 0-20mA/4-20mA, On request
Computer Interface RS232 or RS485 available
Password Lock facility to avoid tampering
Design Modular, Sturdy & Wireless design
Noise Immunity EMI/RFI interference is suppressed by MOV's & R-L-C filters
Supply 90-260 VAC, 50Hz
Ambient Conditions Temp. 55°C& Relative Humidity 99%
Box Height - 96 mm, Width- 96 mm, Depth - 150 mm, DIN size
Notes 1. Control o/p with PI control action & 4-20 mA Control o/p on request
2. "Soaking time" function on request
3. S.S.R. o/p available.
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