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Pyrogauge is a Digital Dial Thermometers, finds application for spot and accurate temperature measurement. The instruments contains 2 parts, one is dial and the other one is stem. They are designed for 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 digital display. Thermometerts are housed in 6" and 4" dials. It works on a 9V battery. Easy to read LCD shows accurate temperature. RTD's are Cr-Al. Thermocouples are used as temperature sensors. The sensor can be given as per desired length and sheath material.

-100.0 to 199.9 ºC for Digigauge (Pt-100)
-100.0 to 600 ºC for Digigauge (Pt-100)
-100.0 to 500 ºC for Pyrogauge (Pt-100)
Accuracy For R.T.D. 0.25% of F. S. D.
For Cr-Al Thermocouple 0.7% of F. S. D.
Display 3 1/2 digit, 12.5mm height for Digigauge,
4 1/2 digit, 12.5mm height for Pyrogauge.
Easy to read LCD display.
Display Update 3 readings / second
Open / Broken Sensor Display indicates “1”
Ambient Compensation Automatic with excellent linearity
Battery 9 Volt, super heavy duty
Low Batt Indication provided
Ambient Conditions 45 ºC & 80% RH

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