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    Temperature Sensors 
     Thermocouples & RTD's Assemblies


Flameproof Temperature Sensor

  • SS316/SS304 Thermocouple Heads
  • Flameproof Certification IIA, IIB, IIC
  • Widely used in Pharmaceutical Industries

L Bent Temperature Sensor

  • 1250o C
  • Hot Arm Re-Crystallised Alumina Ceramic tube cold arm SS316
  • Used in High temperature furnaces
Sensor with built in 2 WIRE TRANSMITTER
Metal Sleeve in Model / Nickel / Titanium / Tantalum etc...
Coated with PTFE
Coated with cobalt base alloy Tungsten carbide.
Flanged thermowell, with open end ceramic tube having 2 drilled hole.
Complete assembly in stainless steel Including head, nipple-union-nipple & thermowell.

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