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    Universal Scanners 
    Universal Scanners

More than 2500 successful installations
Temperature, Pressure, Hummidity, Level, PH, Rate,
Flow, Linear Signal and Digital Inputs etc…
E.R.T.L. approved
Widely accepted in Petrochemicals, Chemicals,
Pharmaceuticals, Food Industries, Furnaces,
Winding Temp, Power Plants, HVAC, Defence...





Table A:
Channels Input Type   Sensor Range Accuracy  
R.T.D. PT-100 -200 to 600 C 0.1 C  
THERMOCOUPLES Iron - Constantan (J) -100 to 600 C o o 0.1 C  
Chromel/Alumel (K) 1000 to 1200 C o o 0.1 C  
-99.9 to 999.9 C o o 1 C  
Copper-Constantan (T) -99.9 to 299.0 C o o 0.1 C  
Pt / Rh (R or S) 0 to 1750C o 1 C  
B, E, N Please Specify Least count
LINEAR INPUTS Others User Configurable Least count
0 to 1 V User Configurable Least count
0 to 20 mA User Configurable Least count
4 to 20 mA Please Specify Least count
OTHERS Pt-46, PT-1000, Cu-10 Please Specify Least count


Linearisation  Software Linearised backed by instrumentation OPAMPS.
Parameter Setting  By Soft-touch, Elegant, Sturdy and User friendly membrane keys.
Scan Time  Programmable 1-99 Seconds, with HOLD facility.
Display  • Bright Seven Segment Displays and L.E.D.'s.
(4 - digits for process & 4 - digits for Channel number / Input)
• 16 Characters x 2 Lines Alphanumeric LCD.
• 128 x 64 Pixels Graphical LCD.

Sensor Open  Indicates OPEN.  
Skip  Channel SKIP facility available.
Fine-calibration  From front keys in AUTO CALIBRATION mode.
Relays and Grouping  Total 4 Groups, 2 Relays for Each group.
One channel can be assigned to any group only once.
Alarms  High / Low for Each Channel.
Annunciation  16 / 32 Ultra bright LEDS
Communication  RS232, RS485, (2Wire/4Wire),
Wireless, Ethernet (TCP /IP),
USB, GSM (SMS alerts)

Protocol  MODBUS RTU, Function 03, 04, 06, 16 Implemented.
Installations with major SCADA software's.
Proprietary protocol suitable for NIPPOLOG.
On-line Interface • Computer (Communication Address Programmable).
• 80 – Column Printer.
• Nippon make SERIAL/PARALLEL Industrial Printer
(Printing Interval Programmable with On-Demand Print)
Off-line Interface • 80 – Column Printer.
• Nippon make SERIAL/PARALLEL Industrial Printer
• Computer through HANDHELD MEMORY BANKS.
(36000 Records Capacity (Expandable),
Communication Address and Printing Interval Programmable
Memory In–Built Memory 2 MB is available in selected models.
Useful in off line Data logging and Printing.
DESIGN Modular, Sturdy and Wireless design.
Noise Immunity EMI / RFI interference is suppressed by MOV's and R-L-C filters.
Supply Voltage 90-260VAC, 50Hz SMPS design.
24VDC on request.
Ambient Conditions Temperature 55 C and Relative Humidity 99%.
Boxes Four Designs 96H X 96W 96H X 192W ABS Moulded Plastic Case
96W X 192H, DIN SIZE Wall / Rail Mounting Scanners
Note Contact factory for 24 / 32 / 64 Channel Scanners.

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