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Wall Mounting scanner

Wall Mounting Instrumentation is a must for many applications. Wall Mounted instruments adds convenience and elegance to measurement of process parameters. The instrument displayed is wall mounted scanner. The design is a trendsetter in laboratories, clean rooms, R & D centres, Process plants, bulk drugs, Pharma, Packaging and many other applications. The concept avoids hassles of panel building. The ready to fit design saves installation time.

U30 series, 5U size Rack, 150 mm depth, Modular Design, Reverse Mounting type, Cable mounting bracket with acrylic safety guard / door.
Construction Material Aluminum extrusion profiles and plates, SS, construction on request.
Cable Termination On Phoenix make DIKD, 1.5 sq. mm, Heavy duty, Dinrail terminals.
Surface Finish Powder Coated
No. of Channels
4, 6, 8,
10, 12, 16
-200 to 600ēC 
-50 to 350ēC 
Iron - Constantan (J)
-100 to 600ēC 
Chromel / Alumel (K)
-80 to 1200ēC 
Pt/Rh (R or S)
0 to 1750ēC 
4 to 20 mA or mVs
Pl. specify
± Least Count
T, B, E, N T/C's
Pl. specify
± Least Count
PT-46, PT-1000
Pl. specify
± Least Count
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