Alarm Annunciator

Alarm Annunciator

State-of-art microcontroller design

Finds application in all types of panels, pharmaceutical industries and process industries like paper ,  cement, chemicals, power etc…

Indicates the status of the field conditions. The field inputs are connected to the Annunciator and the unit senses change of state in each of the inputs and initiates on the annunciator


  • Single chip Microcontroller-based technology
  • Upto isolated inputs
  • 5-9 nos. of super bright LEDs per window
  • Windows with isolated I/p
  • NO/NC type of faults selectable at site
  • Annunciation sequence field selectable from one of the following:
  1. Acknowledge
  2. Reset
  3. Lamp Test
  • Master-Slave connection can be provided on RS485 (MODBUS)
  • Custom built sequence available on request
  • Specifications
  • Models
I/P : Potential free contacts
Communication : RS485 MODBUS RTU
No. of Windows : 4/8/16/24/32 windows
Acknowledge /Reset : Provided
Lamp test : Provided
Supply : 24 Vdc standard, 230VAC on request
Window Size : 27H*27W mm, Red/Green/Amber/Yellow
Box Size (3 Models) : 4-window :96H*96W mm 8-window :144H*72W mm 16-window :144H*144W*100 mm Flameproof versions also available