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NIPPON INSTRUMENTS (I) Pvt. Ltd. & NIPPON TECHNOLOGIES is a premier company manufacturing and supplying temperature instruments, temperature sensors, temperature indicators, PID controllers, Process Indicators, Process Controllers, Flow Instruments, Humidity Indicators, Humidity Controllers, Signal Isolators, Digital Timers, Industrial Timers, Digital Counters, Industrial Counters, RPM Instruments, Frequency Instruments, flameproof enclosures, flameproof instruments, and Energy Saving Products. All our products are available in flame Proof / fireproof housing.

Nippon has devoted it's entire resources to the Design & production of PROCESS CONTROL INSTRUMENTS & SENSORS since last 21 Years. We are fired by the passion to push the limits of technology on INSTRUMENTATION. Our products have become the benchmarks for High performance. Our quality control is under hawk eyed technical Supervision of qualified engineers. Nippon's 2-year warranty is the longest in industry, assuring that nippon's instruments will perform & keep on performing. Nippon's instruments are consistent , unit to unit, year after year. Nippon maintains on- the- self inventory of standard products for Customer's Convenience.


Nippon Technologies introduces GAS MONITORING SYSTEM

  • This is installed at gantry of Government Petroleum co.
  • The system has Data Acquisition of 60 Channels.
Nippon instruments (India) Pvt. Ltd introduces state of the art, truly universal, powerful PID controller with in-house design. The PID 2020 series is developed with state of the art microcontroller.
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