PTX 100

The PTX-100 is excellent and cost-effective 2-Wire Temperature TRANSMITTER. The design is available in HEAD mounting and DINRAIL housing. The device generates 4-20mA current signal proportional to temperature. The TRANSMITTER operates on loop power supply. The current signal reduces wiring cost drastically. The effect of electrical noise is minimized & long runs of thermocouple wires is eliminated. The housing is shockproof & hermetically sealed.

  • Isolated transmitters
  • 1000/1500 VRMS isolation
  • 12-36 VDC power supply
  • True 2-wire transmitter
  • Ground loop elimination
  • DIN RAIL Mounting : 75H x 46W x 110D, mm
  • Specifications
Pt-100 (2,3wire) R.T.D.
RANGE -200 to +800 Zero/ span User adjusttable with trimmer potentiometer
Output 4-20mA dc
Accuracy Better than ±1 %
Ambient Conditions -20 °C to +80 °C
R.T.D. break Protection provided, current goes to 34mA if A is open, current goes to 3.6 mAif B or B1 is open
Maximum Load Maximum loop resistance RL = [ (V+) - 9V ] ÷20mA V+= Loop Power Supply
Reverse Polarity Protection Provided
Surge Protection Provided with zener clamp
Housing 1) Head Mounting : DIA (d) - 50 mm, HEIGHT(h) - 27mm 2) DIN RAIL Mounting : 75H x 22W x 92D in mm
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Driving Recorders, Panel Indicators
  • Factory Automation
  • Signal to Computers
  • Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter available
  • Humidity - Temperature Transmitter available