Nippon HandyNippo

Nippon HandyNippo

Memory Bank has a non volatile RAM capable of data retention for 10 years.
The MEMORY BANK is connected to scanner, which sends the data to memory bank at every programmed interval. The memory bank keeps storing the data till its capacity is reached or till the user stops the data collection. Now the memory bank is disconnected from the scanner & connected to PC, where off-line version collects all the data from memory bank & stores in the format. Once the data is collected by the , the memory is erased & can be reused again. The instrument has unlimited write cycles. This arrangement is very useful for remote data monitoring or where PC can not be dedicated for application.

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Handy Nippo


MEMORY 2 Megabytes,

4000 Readings - 16 Channels
4000 Readings - 8 Channels
64 Kbytes,

500 Readings - 16 channels, 
750 Readings for 8 channels
DATA COMMUNICATION Interface : RS232, Baud Rate : 2400 bps, Data Bits : 8 bits, Parity Bit : None, Stop Bits : 1 bit.
COMMUNICATION PORT 9 Pin D-type Male Connector for Connection to SCANNER and PC.
DISPLAY MiniNippo : LCD, 
                  16 Characters • 2 Lines

HandyNippo: 64x128 Characters,                          Graphic LCD
LED Indications : Power, Reset, Memory Full, Tx and Rx.
POWER SUPPLY Rechargable Battery 90 - 260 VAC, 50Hz.
POWER CONSUMPTION Less than 3VA Less than 5VA@ 230 VAC

Temp 55 C & Relative Humidity 99%

BOX Handy, 186mm(H) x 105mm(W) 72 mm (W) x 72 mm (H) x 
110 mm (D)
WEIGHT 150gms, easy to carry with Soft Leather Carry Case 250 grams